guide to a crazy world

The world I thought I knew has been flipped upside down.   What I consider the most basic principles of life are being eroded. 

Elitism, entitlement and greed are choking out freedom, compassion and responsibility.    Intelligence is shunned and reality is being replaced with perception.  Words are considered aggression and thoughts hate.  Lobbyists buy and sell politicians like pendants.  

Most people don’t even notice.  If their favorite reality shows comes on the TV and their car starts in the morning all is good.  Of those who do notice many accept this as normal. 

It’s a crazy world, one where common sense has been abandon in favor of fairytales and what team you cheer for is more important then what you stand for. 

I’m sick of it. 

So, like all people with an opinion today, I’m writing a blog.   A blog that will to blur traditional political lines, point out the absurdity in our culture and hopefully inject a little common sense into this crazy world.